Works! Works! is a popular Internet dating site for a reason—it works! The success stories of its members pour in each day. The site truly changes lives by helping members find love. Are you considering joining? Check out these success stories to see how wonderful these online dating services have proven [...] Answers Your Questions About Internet Dating Answers Your Questions About Internet Dating knows that Internet dating is a scary thing to people who have not tried it. The idea of meeting people online is both exhilarating and overwhelming. But online dating is an exciting, valuable tool for singles. Still, many people wonder what Internet dating is really like. Here, our team [...] Encourages Safe Dating Encourages Safe Dating knows that any kind of dating can prove dangerous. Internet dating, in particular, has a bad rap because people don’t meet their matches in person. Fear of online dating is, mostly, unfounded. With the right safety precautions, you can enjoy the excitement that Internet dating has to offer. Our [...]